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Zetagile’s focus is to build world class Business Consulting & Product Services in the space of Big Data & Analytics, Databases, Data Integration and Enterprise Mobile Applications. Our team comes with a Product development DNA, deep insights into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable products, a faster time to market, and secure lasting results.

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Healthcare applications.

At Zetagile we continuously focus on building general purpose accelerators and advanced solution accelerators to help customers to quickly get to market in a cost effective approach. We build Platform & Accelerators for Small, Medium and Large businesses that offer Products and Services to get digital with a Mobile-First focus.

Zetagile Mobility Platform [ZMP] is a revolutionary Mobility Platform that helps roll out Mobile Applications in days, offers a low cost, zero initial TCO for any business that has Products & Services to offer, to quickly get on to eCommerce or a Digital platform.

Encourage and Supports Small & Medium Businesses to get on to Digital brand wagon

Helps Businesses to get onto eCommerce, sell Products
& services

Low cost SaaS model brings down the net cost with a low initial TCO.

Helps improve revenues significantly

Builds a Digital brand with a branded Mobile App

Two Advanced Solution Accelerators [ASA] built on ZMP are VIANDD and PRAXILEIT


Food & Restaurant vertical on Zetagile Mobility Platform (ZMP) to build Mobile Applications for Restaurants


Healthcare vertical on Zetagile Mobility Platform (ZMP) to build Mobile Applications for Healthcare service providers like Hospitals

What our Customers have to say 

Zetagile was responsive, competent, and did high-quality work...
They did a fine job getting the work done quickly and were organized.

- Vice President of Operations, Hexis Cyber Solutions

Zetagile is fast, eager, professional, and loves to please clients.
I am happy with their work. They stand out because of their speed of delivery

- CEO, Quarkonics (Research & Reviewed by

Join Our Team

The team at Zetagile has expertise in the niche areas of Product Development.
At Zetagile you can learn and work on the latest cutting edge technologies.
We provide the best environment for skill development and to innovate.


Product Engineering Services

We have extensive experience in the areas of Data Warehousing, Data Governance, Data Profiling, Data Discovering, etc.
We can guide and assist clients, and deliver solutions that help you exploit and drive value from data and content through Business Analytics.


Zetagile – ODC Services

We setup ODCs for our clients with an option to operate on BOT model. We had operated on BOT models in the past, one of the client was Hexis Cyber Solutions, California.

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